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jr kansai-hokuriku area pass

JR Kansai-Hokuriku area pass


I was wondering if you can advise me if its more economical for me to get JR Kansai-Hokuriku area pass for my itinerary below :
Day 1 : Kansai airport - Osaka
Day 2 : Kyoto - Hirakata
Day 3 : Himeji - Kobe
Day 4 : Nara and Osaka
Day 5 : Kanazawa - Toyama, than private train to Tateyama Kurobe
Day 6 : Shinano Omachi - Osaka

My question really is theJR Kansai-Hokuriku area pass will cover Shinano Omachi to Osaka? If not do you have better suggestion if I should buy other JR pass? I'm trying to avoid buying the 7 days JR pass because I will be based in Osaka, I wonder will it be cheaper if I just buy the ticket from shinano omachi to kanazawa and catch train back osaka using JR Kansai-Hokuriku area pass? I realized it will long hours spend on this journey.

But if you have other suggestion, I am happy to hear. Yoroshiku onegaishimasu.

Thank you



Hello Tina,

The Hokuriku pass does not include travel from Shinano-Omachi to Osaka. The Hokuriku pass is a ticket for travelers who wish to make the trip Kyoto - Kanazawa - Shirakawago - Takayama - Nagoya (or the other way around). It is very useful for this route but not so for anything else. In your case I advise purchasing normal tickets because there is not really a pass that matches the above itinerary and allows you to make savings over purchasing normal tickets.

Hope this helps,

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Hi Daniel-san, thank you for your reply.

I was wondering if you can tell me if this is scenario possible :
On day 6 I will get bus from Ogizawa to Nagano, than catch train to Joetsu-Myoko station from Nagano using normal ticket, than catch train to Osaka from Joetsu-Myoko station using the JR Kansai-Hokuriku pass.
Because according to this website this pass should cover JR rail up to Joetsu-Myoko.

I am sorry roundabout ^_" I just want to make the most of the JR pass.

Yoroshiku onegaishimasu.



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