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jr hokkaido rail pass

JR Hokkaido rail pass

I am visiting Sapporo in the next few days from 24 March 2016 to 28 March 2016, I am planning to visit the following:

1) Otaru
2) Lake Toya

I understand that JR rail pass is only beneficial when the total return fare exceeded the total fare. A quick estimation on work out to be around 9,580 as follows:

Otaru. 1,280
Lake Toya. 7,230
New Chitose - Sapporo 1,070

Should I get a 3 day JR pass ?

Meanwhile , the my parents who accompanied me for this trip will extend their stay until 30 March. They have a choice of either traveling to Noburibetsu / Hakodate. Is it worth getting a JR pass in this case ?


Hi there,

Please note that here at we only focus on the (nation wide) JR Pass.

As for using the JR Hokkaido pass or any other pass, you should at least cover the more in fares than the price of the pass.

As a 3 day JR Hokkaido pass costs: 16,500 yen I don't think that it would benefit you. However your parents may want to use one for travel to Hakodate.

Hope this helps,

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