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jr haruka covered by jr rail pass

JR Haruka covered by JR Rail Pass

My husband and I will be in Japan from Nov 18 through Nov 24. We will fly into KIX airport in Osaka.
Does JR Rail Pass cover JR Haruka (limited) or the JR airport Rapid?

We will also travel from Osaka to Kyoto, and also from Kyoto to Tokyo. Does JR Rail pass cover all these trips too?



Sorry, another question:

If I buy the JR Rail Pass, does it also cover the "seat fee" (for some trip, eg. from Kyoto to Tokyo, by SHINKANSEN HIKARI, there is a fee even for unreserved seat. What about reserved seat?)

Thanks a lot


Hi there!

Yes - the JR Pass will 100'% cover the Haruka, airport rapid, JR lines Osaka to Kyoto and the bullet train from Kyoto to Tokyo.

The JR Pass also covers 100% of the shinkansen fees for all valid shinkansen (Hikari on the Kyoto - Tokyo route). This means that you won't have to pay anything extra for the trip outside of the JR Pass. Both non-reserved seating and reserved seating can be used free of charge by JR Pass holders. To make a free reservation, visit the JR ticket office before your trip and present your JR Pass to the staff, specifying the bullet train you'd like to use.

Simple! :)

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Thank you very much, Mari!


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