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jr east pass route

JR East Pass Route

Hi Hi,
Planning my 2nd trip to Japan.
Tokyo. NozawaOnsen, Tokyo
Afew side trips in Tokyo. Otsuki to Kawaguchiku.
Nagano to Jigakudani Onsen.

  1. Like to know if JR East pass can take me to Togari Nozawaonsen?
  2. Can we select the 5 different dates for this pass as some days i might be skiing for 3 days and i don't need to use it at all?
  3. How about the inner Metro line in central Tokyo? Can this pass be used? i read about it but kind of confuse with the coloured lines.
  4. Coming from Narita airport, can this pass be used for travelling to Shinjuku?
  5. And from Shinjuku to Tokyo, do i buy separately a Metro ticket or I can use the pass?

Sorry for all the question i post here, may not be in order but hope you can help advise.


Hi there!

1.) Yes this is covered :)
2.) Yes you can select 5 days of use within a period of 14 days.
3.) The Tokyo Metro is not covered by the JR East or JR Pass, you can use the local JR instead.
4.) Yes both the JR Pass and JR East Pass can be used to travel between Shinjuku and Narita Airport.
5.) You can use the JR to travel between Tokyo station and Shinjuku, here's a map with all JR lines covered in Tokyo.

Hope this helps!

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Thanks Daniel- San. You answered all my questions.


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