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jr east pass or jr pass

JR East Pass or JR Pass


We are planning a trip to Japan in May 2014, total of 10 days including arriving & leaving from Tokyo.

We are confused of the JR East Pass or JR Pass, which is more flexi and worth it for the itinerary we have

Tokyo to Aomori (Sapporo) - 3 days
Sendai - 2 days
Osaka - 2 days
Kyoto - 2 days
Nagoya - 1 day

Is the itinerary too tight? We are not sure if advance booking is required for the bullet train. We would really love to maximise the usage of our pass purchased.

Many thanks!



Hi Lynette,

I would suggest a JR Pass for your travel. This because the JR East Pass is only valid for travel in the Tohoku region, which is mostly north of Tokyo. The JR East pass for instance does not cover travel to Osaka, Kyoto and Nagoya. Since you are traveling all the time I would suggest a 14 day JR Pass.

Here's a list of normal ticket prices to give you an idea of possible savings.

Tokyo to Aomori - 3 days ¥ 16,870
Aomori - Sendai - 2 days ¥ 10,900
Sendai - Osaka - 2 days ¥ 21,690
Osaka - Kyoto - 2 days ¥ 540
Kyoto - Nagoya - 1 day ¥ 5,640
Nagoya - Tokyo ¥ 10,780

For a total of ¥ 66,420 or ¥ 21,320 in savings as the 14 day JR Pass is ¥ 45,100. You would probably end up making a lot more savings though as the pass is also valid for local travel in Osaka and Tokyo, can be used for travel into Hokkaido and also covers travel to and from the airport.

Time wise I think it looks good for the most part, however visiting Sapporo may be to much! Getting there from Tokyo would take up most of your day and you would not have a lot of time for sightseeing. Possibly it would be better to stick to Tohoku and visit places around there such as Aomori, Hachinohe, Akita and Sendai.

Hope this helps!

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Bough the 7 days JR ticket, plan to go from Nagoya to Aomori on July 16
July 18 from Aomori to Morioka
July 20 from Morioka to Akita
July 22 from Akita back to Nagoya

Can you please show me the best time table to get from each places
Is JR pass will cover to all of these location?
First time to each place except Nagoya could you pls give me an as wise of what to do at those same places.
Thank you

Hi there,

The JR Pass covers travel between all these places.

To find out about transfers and time tables, please see this post:

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