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jr east pass; eligibility for japanese passport holder

JR East pass; eligibility for Japanese passport holder

For many years my wife and I have used the Japan Rail Pass, I'm Australian and she is a permanent resident of Australia (25 years). To get that pass she needs to show the permanent residency stamp in her Japanese passport. The JR East pass however appears to bar Japanese passport holders from purchasing, even if they live outside Japan. Is this the case?


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We are not an agency that sells the JR East pass, so I can't give you an official. As far as I know the conditions are the same as the JR Pass.

Best thing is to double check with JR East, you can contact them via:

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Yes, you are correct. Unfortunately, if she is a Japanese passport holder she is not eligible for the JR East Pass.
More info is here:

That said, if you travel enough, she could get a full JR Pass and save money that way.


Thanks guys. Will probably get 1 of each, not travelling every day so the JR East pass is better value, so I'll get that and she'll get the JR pass. Either way will be using over a 7 day period.


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