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JR Assistance


Once I get to Japan, do you offer telephone assistance regarding the JR Pass?
For example if we need to ask questions in English about how to find a station, or if get lost, etc., and we need to call from the hotel or our cell phone, or a paid phone?

If yes, is it an extra cost that we add when purchasing the JR Pass?

Thank you!


Hi Elsa,

We provide support online via e-mail, the forum and other media. Some other agencies may provide an assistance by phone. Some other agencies may provide a (paid) telephone assistance, however I don't have any experience using such a service.

I've always found that Japanese people are very helpful and will go miles out of their way to help you.

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You're right; I've heard many comments about Japanese people being very courteous and always willing to go the extra mile to help.

Thank you!


I counted on the help of Mr. Daniel-san in this Blog and visited Japan for one month in November! Thank you very much.
I had the same doubts and rented a WiFi router that accompanied us throughout the trip. The sites that were used Google Maps, Hyperdia and the websites of hotels and tours.


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