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jr activation time

JR activation time

Hi, so i'm going to japan from 6-13th March this year. I am thinking of purchasing a 7 day JR pass. I know it cant cover my entire trip, and so:

  1. If i activate it immediately at 6th of march after i landed, can i buy the N'ex roundtrip ticket that cost 4,000 yen and use the return ticket on the 13th? At that time my JR pass has expired, but can i still use the N'ex return ticket that i bought upon arrival?

  2. Can i use JR pass to travel from kyoto-nara or kyoto-kobe?

Thankyou :)


Hi there,

1.) You could buy the NEX return ticket as well but keep in mind that the JR Pass also covers this route. So it simply may be better to purchase normal tickets as you travel.

2.) Both these routes are covered by the JR Pass.

Hope this helps,

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So does it mean my JR pass can't cover the N'ex return ticket? But i can simply pre buy the normal ticket back to Narita when my Pass is still active?


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