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jr 7 days pass for sapporo & hokkaido travelling

JR 7 Days Pass for Sapporo & Hokkaido travelling


May I have some advice if I should get the 7 days JR Pass for the appended itinerary in terms of cost wise is it worth to get the JR Pass ?

  1. Sapporo Shin-Chitose to Hakodate
  2. Visit Mount Hakodate & Fort Goryokaku
  3. JR Hokkaido Shinkansen to Kikonai (1hr)
  4. Kikonai take Bus to Matsumae
  5. Bus & South Hokkaido Railway to Hokkaido
  6. Hakodate, Hokkaido to Sapporo
  7. JR train from Sapporo to Otaruchikko Station
  8. JR train Back to Sapporo
  9. JR train from Sapporo to Sapporo Shin-ChitoseChitose Airport
  10. If I am arriving in Japan on 16 Jan, when is the deadline I must purchase the JR Pass online.

Thank you. ^ ^

Hi there,

With this itinerary in mind, I think it would make more sense to look at a JR Hokkaido Pass, since you will remain within the Hokkaido region.

If you do buy a JR Pass, then it depends on how long it takes to ship it to you:

Hope this helps,

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