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jp rail pass and itinerary question

JP Rail Pass and Itinerary question

Hello Daniel

How are you?

I will be arriving in Japan on Friday and I will leave on Saturday 22nd November, can I validate the weekly Pass on Sunday or on Monday 17th in order to end it on 22nd November?

I have also an itinerary question: I have read that the Himeji castle is closed for renovation until 2015, is still possible still to make some nice pictures or is it completely wrapped up?

Last question: what is the fastest way to go from Himeji (in case I can see the castle) to Nara? Via Kyoto or Shin-Osaka?

Thanks a lot for your help Daniel, all the best


Hello Rico,

I am doing well, hope you did not have to wait too long for your replay.

The JR Pass can be validated every day of the year, no problem doing so on a Sunday.

Himeji Castle is indeed still undergoing renovations, however this is nearing an end and there is already much to see and do. For instance there an exhibition showing the whole reconstruction process. The Castle Gardens are also beautiful, although November could be a bit late to visit them. You can certainly make some great pictures though.

Here is a link with how the Castle looks today and weekly a photo is added:

The fastest way from Himeji - Nara is via Shin-Osaka/Osaka station. The route can differ slightly depending on the hour of travel. Here are a couple of examples.

Hope this helps and all the best to you as well!

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