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japanese buying jr ticket: how to prove condition b

Japanese buying JR ticket: How to prove condition B

b. . who is married to a non-Japanese residing in a country other than Japan. Persons meeting condition (b) must provide written proof of the following:
Residence outside Japan
Marriage to a non-Japanese individual
Residence of their non-Japanese spouse outside Japan

My wife is japanese and live with me in Japan under a work permit . By the time we go to japan she will still not be a permanent resident. So we were going to buy her a JRPASS under condition B.

How can she prove her 1. residence outside Japan 2. Marriage to me and 3. My residence.

Do we have to take a photocopy of our marriage certificate?


I made a mistake she is JApanese but we live Together in Canada NOT Japan.


Hi there,

I once travelled together with a Japanese friend who was married to a non-Japanese national as well.
When we exchanged the pass the JR Staff where very diligent about checking the proof required for a Japanese person to gain the pass and even asked us some questions before they gave us the pass. So I would recommend you prepare carefully for it.

In your case I think it would be wise to bring both her passport with Canadian Visa, (if possible) the marriage certificate itself and proof that you as non-Japanese live outside on Japan. I am not sure if the Canadian government or your state can issue a proof of residence, if they can not issue such a document, a tax certificate and pay slip will go a long way.
I know this all can be a bit big hassle but it will ensure that you won't have difficulties when you exchange your voucher for the Pass.

Hope this helps!

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I can confirm this. JR have recently got more strict about the criteria for Japanese nationals to use the JR Pass.

I recommend taking the a copy of your original marriage certificate (if impossible, a photocopy will work), and two utility/tax/payslips letters each with your canadian address on them. One set for yourself and one set for your wife.

I'm very sorry about the long winded nature of this (it is a very discounted ticket so JR are careful with issuing to Japanese nationals), but it is best to bring a good variety of official documents to make things as smooth as possible.

Good luck!

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I'm Japanese and my wife is Polish and we live together with our son in Poland. We are planning to get JR pass for our trip to Japan this summer and I'm also wondering what I should take with me to prove my eligibility. Can anyone in this forum confirm that a copy of marriage certificate (in a language other than Japanese) and a letter addressed to me from a public institution were enough?

Because I went paperless with all my bills and I'm not getting any letter with bills or pay slips anymore, I'm planning to take:
1) a copy of marriage certificate in Polish (or, in English, if the local city office can give us a copy in English),
2) just in case, a 3-year old copy of my Japanese koseki touhon with my wife and child listed under me (it's old but I thought this could help if the marriage certificate in Polish & my translation are not enough),
3) my Polish ID (a residence card, which works also as my visa in Poland).

My wife is also getting a JR pass, so JR can check her temporary visit status in Japan (so I probably don't have to prove that she lives outside Japan).

Will those documents be enough to prove my eligibility?


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