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japanese buying jr pass: what documents to take?

Japanese buying JR PASS: what documents to take?


I'm Japanese and my wife is Polish and we live together with our son in Poland. We are planning to get JR pass for our trip to Japan this summer and I'm wondering what I should take with me to prove my eligibility.

I'm planning to take:
1) a copy of marriage certificate in Polish (or, in English, if the local city office can give us a copy in English),
2) just in case, a 3-year old copy of my Japanese koseki touhon with my wife and child listed under me (it's old but I thought this could help if the marriage certificate in Polish & my translation are not enough),
3) my Polish ID (a residence card, which works also as my visa in Poland).

My wife is also getting a JR pass, so JR can check her temporary visit status in Japan (so I probably don't have to prove that she lives outside Japan).

Will those documents be enough to prove my eligibility?


Good morning,

Situations like this can indeed get a little tricky so it is good that you are preparing well.

I believe that your marriage certificate would suffice, given that it states your name and her's in roman letters.
It would of course help if you could acquire a copy in English from your local city hall.

I don't know how valuable a copy of your Koseki may be but it may be a good supplement to your Polish marriage certificate.

An ID card alone is not enough as some proof of a foreign address is required. What you could do is print one of your online bills as these usually still display the customers name and address on the top.

If your wife has a foreign passport and enters Japan under a temporary 90 day visa than no further action for her is needed.

I hope this helps!

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Thank you! Now I can sleep better at night.

My ID has my registered address in Poland on it, so from what you wrote, I think my ID + marriage certificate should suffice, but I'll take a print-out of one of my bills with me just in case.


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