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japan trip from 01/06/2016 to 14/06/2016

JAPAN TRIP FROM 01/06/2016 TO 14/06/2016


I planning my trip as follow:-

Day 1 to Day 4 = Tokyo (planning to go Mount Fuji)
Day 5 = Tokyo to Nara
Day 6 to Day 9 = Nara to Osaka (will travel to Himeiji in between this few days)
Day 10 = Osaka to Kyoto
Day 11 = Kyoto to Tokyo
Day 12 to 14 = Tokyo

I thinking of purchase 7 days JR pass is it possible?

Do you think Osaka i stay too much day? Any suggest Itinerary? If 14 days stay at Tokyo will it be too much?

Wan Ting
Wan Ting

Hi there,

I think your travel plan looks fine, you could stay a month in Osaka and still have tons of stuff to explore and see. I really don't think you'll stay there too long, especially with the day trips added in.

Also like the added visit to Himeji.

Hope this helps,


Hi Daniel,

Thanks for your reply.

So I should purchase 7 days JR pass?

Wan Ting
Wan Ting

Hi again,

Definitely! Be sure to use it from Day 5 to Day 11.


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