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japan rail service update (16th march)

Japan Rail service update (16th March)


  • JR East general reduction in bullet and non bullet train lines.
  • JR-East Tokyo to Nasushiobara bullet on Tohoku line running 2 trains per hour.
  • JR-East Joetsu bullet train suspended temporarily.
  • JR-Central (Osaka & Kyoto > Tokyo) Tokaido bullet running normally.
  • JR Central normal train lines going to Tokyo running reduced service.
  • Narita Express suspended, JR Sobu Airport Narita service running reduced service.
  • Tokyo Metro running normally excluding rush hours.

Working Shinkansen bullet operations

For reference, please use this map of bullet train routes

Please note these are guides last updated on the 16th of March. For confirmation of particular trains, please visit your nearest JR station.

  • Tokaido shinkansen (Tokyo - Osaka) Normal operation
  • Sanyo shinkansen (Hakata - Osaka) Normal operation
  • Kyushu shinkansen (Hakata - Kagoshima) Normal operation
  • Nagano shinkansen (Nagano - Tokyo) Normal operation
  • Joetsu shinkansen (Niigata - Tokyo) May start running from this afternoon.
  • Tohoku shinkansen (Tokyo - Nasushiobara): Reduced service.

Suspended Shikansen

  • Tohoku shinkansen (Nasushiobara - Shin Aomori) Suspended
  • Yamagata shinkansen (Fukushima - Shinjo) Suspended
  • Akita shinkansen (Akita - Morioka) Suspended
  • Joetsu shinkansen (Niigata - Tokyo) Suspended due to breakdown in the morning.

Tokyo metro (subway)

  • Tokyo metro Normal operation except during rush hour (7:30-9:30 & 18:00-20:00). During rush hour services will be at 80% capacity due to temporary power limits.
  • more Tokyo train information here

Narita Express (NEX)

JR-Central Non bullet lines

Links to JR status pages in English

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