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japan rail pass travel train

Japan Rail Pass travel train

Hi ,

I am preparing an itinerary for my husband to travel Japan for 7 days ( Free and easy ) as below:

I have bought the 7 days JR pass for him but a bit confused on how to use :

Day 1 (31/03/2013)- he will arrive Japan Haneda airport at around 12.30pm- plan to take the bullet train to Kyoto
Will that be train available in the afternoon around 1.30pm -2pm . if there is let say 2pm train .
What time he will arrive Kyoto ? Can you provide me the train schedule from Tokyo ( Haneda airport ) to Kyoto .

Day 3 -(02/04/2013) Heading from Kyoto to Osaka .
Can you provide me the train schedules from Kyoto to Osaka . ( From 9am - 1pm )

Day 4 - (03/04/2013) Heading from Osaka back to Tokyo
Can you provide me train schedule ( from 9am - 1pm ) from Osaka back to Tokyo .

Am i right to say that JP pass can be used to travel through many metro lines in Tokyo .
How about Kyoto and Osaka , Can JR Rail Pass be use to travel the city area ?

I understand that there are many types of trains and lines . Which types of trains that the JR Rail pass can be used to travel , we need the fastest speed train .

I think i am a bit confused with the information provided through your website , therefore seeking for assistance .

Thank you so much ..



Hi Mary!

On day 1 I would recommend that you activate the JR-Pass at Haneda Airport. This can be done at the local JR-Ticket office. There is no bullet train that directly departs from Haneda, so the best thing to do is to travel to Tokyo station first.

It is not very hard but here is a little guide to travel to Haneda Airport to Tokyo Station.
1.) Once you have activated the JR-Pass, take the Tokyo Monorail to Hamamatsucho (the last stop).
2.) Here you can transfer to the local JR Lines.
3.) Take the Yamanote line that brings you to Tokyo Station, here you can get the bullet trains tickets!
4.) Now you are ready to take the bullet train to Kyoto and the rest of Japan!

You can find the train route from Tokyo to Kyoto in this link. Trains that you can use with the JR-Pass leave every 30 minutes. I looked up the train leaving around 2 p.m. for you, in case you want to see the whole time table please press Interval timetable once you open the above link.

For the way back from Osaka to Kyoto, pleasesee this time table. Please let me know if you would like to know any information about a specific train/time.

Trains between Kyoto and Osaka leave every 10-15 minutes during the day time. So you never have to worry about missing a train. In case you want to look for a specific time, than I would recommend the website, you can this great website to look up almost anything about trains in Japan. I would recommend that you read our blog post about planning with Hyperdia if you are yet unfamiliar with the website, it is a great guide to help you on your way.

The JR-Pass is not accepted on Metro lines in Japan, you can however use the JR-Pass on local JR-Lines in Tokyo and Osaka.

Hope this helps,

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