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japan rail pass or another rail pass?

Japan rail pass or another rail pass?

Hi, this is our itinerary, and we are not sure what to do exactly. Should we buy a JR rail pass, if yes, for what tracks wouuld be best? Or are there other passes for some regions, which are better?
31-10 arrival Tokyo
01-11 Tokyo
02-11 Tokyo, in the evening by train to Nagoya.
03-11 am: from Nagoya to Magome, pm: from Tsumago to Nagano and Yudanaka
04-11 pm: by express bus from Nagano to Omachi
05-11 Alps
06-11 Alps, pm: from Tateyama to Takayama
07-11 Takayama
08-11 Takayama/Shiragawa-go
09-11 Shin Hotaka
10-11 Shin Hotaka
11-11 from Takayama to Koya-san (long day) we would like to be in Koya-san around 3pm.
12-11 am:Koya-san, pm: travel to Kyoto
13-15/11 Kyoto
16-11: pm: from Kyoto to Hiroshima
17-11: Hiroshima
18-11: go to Miyajima, late pm: travel back to Osaka
19-11: flight back home

To go to Osaka airport from Hiroshima, is it better to go via Kyoto, or directly to Osaka?


Hi there,

I checked your itinerary for the best options, however it seems hard to really match a JR Pass to the above itinerary. A 7 day JR Pass would work out well if you could use it for travel from Takayama - Kyoto and travel to Hiroshima and back to Osaka. This would mean a little re-scheduling though, this could work. For instance would you be able to switch Hiroshima and Kyoto around? If this would not be possible, than I'd suggest buying normal tickets.

Hope this helps!

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