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japan rail pass coverage enquiry

Japan Rail Pass Coverage enquiry


I'll be traveling the following places in early October, by eliminating Norzumi and Mizuho lines, will like to check if the Japan Rail Pass will cover the following routes searched from Herperdia:

1) Takamatsu to Okayama : Marine Liner
2) Okayama to Yonago : Limited Express Yakumo
3) Yonago to Shin-Osaka : Shinkansen Sakura
4) Shin-Osaka to Nagoya : Shinkansen Hikari

5) Will the pass cover Midosuji Line in Osaka as well? Or a Hankyu pass will need to be purchased separately?

I'm considering purchasing the regular pass instead of the green pass (first class) for budget concern, will like to know if I may get reserved seats for all the above Lines listed with a regular pass? Kindly advice how to reserve the seats? Necessary to be done in advance? Or at the stations where I'll depart?

Thank you!


Hi there,

All of route 1-4 are included in the JR Pass. The Midosuji Line is a subway line and not included, however a one way trip only costs 200yen, so you can simply buy a normal ticket.

Seat reservations are free with the JR Pass, even on normal seats. I do recommend making seat reservations in advance, as it makes travel more relaxed. Its generally fine to do so on the day of travel but you can do so earlier as well. Also see our blog post on seat reservations.

Hope this helps,

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Thanks for your prompt reply Daniel-san :)


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