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japan rail pass - 7days

Japan Rail Pass - 7days

I will traveling to Tokyo on November for a 10days. My trip will be Tokyo - Kyoto - Osaka - Tokyo
1st day - Tokyo to Kyoto
2nd day - kyoto
3th day - Kyoto
4th day - kyoto - Osaka - Kyoto
5th day - kyoto - Yet decide - Kyoto
6th day - kyoto - Tokyo
7th day - Tokyo - Mt Fuji
8th day - Tokyo - Universal Studio
9th day - Tokyo - Yet decide
10th day - Tokyo - Airport
I want to get an opinion from Daniel is it sufficient to get a 7 days pass for the trip?


For your round trip, plus a bit more here and there, you can make a 7 day pass pay off, especially if you use it right away from Narita through Day 7. Some important notes though - USJ is in Osaka, not Tokyo, so you'd need to move that to Day 4. For your Day 5 I recommend a trip to Nara - it has some of Japan's best places, especially the Todaiji Great Buddha. The Isuien Garden is also wonderful, as is Kasuga Shrine, feeding the deer, and Kofukuji Temple.

For your 7th day, you need to decide if the Fuji 5 Lakes Area or Hakone is better for you. There are regional passes for both. For your Day 9 I recommend a trip to Nikko or Kamakura/Enoshima - both are great and there are passes for those too. Lastly, you can go to Narita cheaply on a 1000 yen bus.

Best of luck.


Hi there,

I would suggest a 7 day JR Pass for your itinerary as well. The Pass itself is about the same price as a normal ticket Tokyo - Kyoto and it is easy to make savings with just a bit of extra travel. For instance to Osaka, local travel in Tokyo/Osaka on the JR network or for a day trip on day 5.

As pointed out above, Universal Studio is in Osaka and it is much faster to visit it from either Osaka or Kyoto. You could for instance visit it on day 4 or 5. Then go to Disneyland Tokyo on day 8, or any other place of your liking.

Fuji has different areas where you can visit. Coming from Kyoto, I would recommend a stop over at Hakone. This is the easiest place to access and directly on the route between Kyoto - Tokyo. Alternatively you could make a day trip from Tokyo to the Tokyo Five Lakes area.

Hope this helps,

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Very, very good advice, Toraneko. Thank you for including my spiritual home, Isuien Garden. And Kamakura! You know your Japan. I would, however, recommend not starting the JR Pass until Day 3 of NGYEW's visit. A cash ticket on NEX from Narita to Tokyo Station and anywhere else on JR that day is half-price, or was when I was there in Mar--May, this year. Better to use the last day of the pass to get back to the airport and go home. Change the itinerary to put three days in Tokyo at the beginning and problem solved, in an economical way.


Thx loads for the kind words. But if the OP waits til Day 3 to activate the pass, he'd have to pay the regular shinkansen fare to go to Kyoto. He wrote he plans to go straight to Kyoto on his first day, so it seems to me he should activate it at Narita to go to Kansai and back. The return to the airport is inexpensively done on the bus. Besides, if he activated it on Day 3, he could only use the pass up to Day 9, and not have a pass to go back to Narita with.


You didn't mention an 'OP', or I missed it. My bad. Does 'OP' mean other person? Wouldn't know, don't do so-called social media. You now have two itineraries, as I see it, and that wasn't the case when I posted my recommendations. So what is it?? You in Japan for almost two weeks and a friend joining you for one? WAY different, from this Japanophile's experience. What is it, exactly, you're unsure of?
And I'm not a travel agent. Like I said, been there, done that, for ten years, and at least three months a year. Take it or leave it.


Your post is a bit confusing but I will try and give my understanding of it. First, OP is just forum parlance for 'original post(er)', or the initial question. I know there was a discount one-way N'Ex ticket for 50%; however that was discontinued and replaced with a discount round trip N'Ex ticket, which actually raises the price a bit. But I have never heard of any ticket where your first day in Japan is 50% off on all JR lines in the country. If you have more info on that, I sure hope you'll point out where I can learn more about that on the internet.
BTW while I didn't find it as good as Isuien, Yoshikien wasn't bad either and free for foreign passport holders. Kind of balances out with Isuien, which had a somewhat pricey ticket.


Noted. Thank you!


Gomen nasai, Toraneko. By half-price in my earlier post, I meant the discounted NEX ticket I bought at Narita was good for the rest of the day on all JR trains in Tokyo, which allowed me to check into the hotel and use that ticket on the Yamanote and other lines around town, for the balance of the day, not to exit Tokyo on a shinkansen. Forgive me, please. Nice to hear they've got a new discounted NEX round-trip, too. I'll keep that in mind when planning my next visit, when my daughter and an old friend will be joining me for different two-week holidays while I laze about my adopted country for three months, starting with 2016 sakura.
And your comment about Yoskikien is a good one - I've been there, and our fellow traveler, ngyew-san might enjoy it too.
I hope so.


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