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japan in june/july

Japan in June/July

Does JNR Pass include Narita to Tokyo?

Here itinerary during Jun 18th (start of pass period, unless we have to pay extra to get train to Tokyo):
Narita to Tokyo -- staying in Asakusa
Yamanotesen around Tokyo -- some subway not covered by pass
Tokyo to Kyoto by shinkansen
Kyoto to Hiroshima by shinjansen
Kyoto to Nara by local
local travel in Kyoto and Hiroshima train/bus
Kyoto to Tokyo to Chikura on the Chiba peninsula
Chikura to Tokyo to Omama in Gunmaken (Thinking of going to Maebashi via JNR and back to Omama on Tobusen)
return to Tokyo the same way again staying in Asakusa
Yamanotesen as above
Tokyo to Narita by either TCAT bus or train on July 1(14 days)


Hello there,

Yes the JR Pass covers the train between Tokyo - Narita Airport. I see that you will stay in Asakusa, this are of Tokyo is one of the few that does not have a JR station. This would mean using the Narita Express train to Ueno station and taking the Tokyo Metro from there.

The rest of the itinerary looks good. Will you be attending the Chikura Matsuri?

Also good to know is that you can use the JR from Namba to Kansai Airport if you have a JR Pass.

Hope this helps,

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