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itinerary in japan

Itinerary in japan


My husband and I will be travelling to Japan next month and we've pretty much got our itinerary figured out but there are some small details we are not sure about.

1) On our 2nd day we will travel from Tokyo station to Shin-Osaka to Osaka station using our Jr passes. We will be staying at Mitsui Garden Hotel Osaka Premier. Our question is how and what is the easiest way to get to JR Namba station from our hotel using our Jr pass? Do we have to go back to Osaka Station first?

2) On our 4th day we plan to go to Kyoto for a day and i guess from Kyoto Station we will be going to Kinkakuji (Golden Pavilion) and the Arashiyama Bamboo Grove and back to kyoto station to head back to osaka. Please advise on how to get to those places the most easiest and how to make the use of our jr passes.

3) We also plan to travel from Osaka to Hakone. I think we have to make our way to Shin Osaka station then take the Shinkansen to Odawara and from there we have to use the Hakone free pass, am i correct? We plan to stay a night in Hakone (Ichinoyu Shinkan ryokan) and then go to Gotemba Premium Outlet the next day. From the Outlets, how do we get to Gotemba station to ikebukuro station? We can use our Jr pass from the outlet back to our hotel which is located in Ikebukuro?

Please advise. Thanks.


Hi there,

1.) The JR Station for Namba is JR-Namba (use this if you plan with Hyperdia]( get there with the JR however is not ideal, given the location of your hotel and nearby JR lines. You could however walk to Osaka station, take a local line from there to Shin-Imamiya and the train from there to JR Namba. Using the subway would however be easier, or you could walk from your hotel as it is one straight route. This takes about 30 minutes. This would probably be faster than going to Osaka station and taking the train from there.

2.) First travel to Kyoto station, you can do so directly from Osaka station using the Shinkaizoku service. From Kyoto take a train to Saga Arashiyama, this is the station to Arashiyama. Kinkaku-Ji can't be reached by train. The best option would be to take a bus or taxi from Arashiyama.

3.) Yes you are correct. Here is the route Gotemba - Ikebukero. The complete route is covered by the JR Pass.

Hope this helps,

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