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itinerary check and jr pass

Itinerary check and JR Pass


Will be travelling to Japan in April for 13 days and am unsure which travel pass will suit my plan best.

Arriving in Osaka late in the evening.
In Osaka for 6 days - planning to do day trips to Kyoto, Hiroshima, Nara..
Moving on to Mt. Fuji for 2 days (Lake Kawaguchi).
(should i get the Hakone Pass?). Next to Tokyo for 5 days.
(Any suggestions on places to visit from Tokyo?) Exiting from Tokyo Narita airport to home.

Do you reckon the 14 days JR Pass will do or do I need some other passes?



Hi Koo,

This one is a little tricky, let's have a look at how much you would spend without the pass.

Kansai Airport--> ¥Osaka ¥ 1,160
Osaka Kyoto ¥ 1,080
Osaka Nara ¥ 1,660
Osaka Hiroshima ¥ 19,500
Osaka --> Tokyo ¥13,550
Tokyo -> Narita Airport ¥ 2,740

(note that so far I have left lake kawaguchi (or kawaguchiko) out, more on this below).

For a total of ¥ 39,690, this would not cover the price of a 14Day JR-Pass. A better option would be to get a 7-Day JR Pass and use it for mosty of your long distance travel, Hiroshima and Tokyo, together this is ¥ 33,050, the 7-day JR Pass costs ¥ 28,300 saving you at least .¥ 4,750. In addition you can either use it for your day trips from Osaka or travel on local JR-Lines Tokyo and perhaps use it for Kawaguchiko.

For Kawaguchiko, the hassle-free way to get here is from Tokyo, you can either take a JR-train to Otsuki and transfer there to the Odakyu Line to Kawaguchiko or take a HighWay bus directly from Shinjuku. A popular way is to set out by train and take the bus back to Tokyo. There is not much difference between both routes, the train can take a little longer because you have to transfer but you can save a couple of hundred yen because the first-part is covered by the JR-Pass. For the rest, I don't think you will need a Hakone Pass if you just visit Kawaguchiko, it is a great method to use when you plan on Exploring Hakone but a little pricey for just Fuji.

Let me know if you have more questions!

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Sorry I forgot to add:

For Tokyo: One think I would recommend is traveling to Harajuku by train, walking the street of Fasion town, when you reach the end go right for Omote-Sando, here you will find all kinds of luxury shops that offer all kinds items from Clothing to Art. Walk Omote-Sando up and down. First up, back to Harajuku then across the street down. Once you reach the end you can turn left, follow this street (called Aoyama-dori) and you will come out in Shibuya. Famous for many things including youth culture and the most used street crossing in the world!

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