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itinerary and green pass and reservation questions

Itinerary and Green pass and reservation questions


I'm planning a 15 day trip to Japan in April.

Here's the itinerary

17th April arrive at Narita
17th to 22: Tokyo
22th to 23rd: Takayama
23rd to 28th: Kyoto
28th to 29th: Miyajima
29th to 30th: Osaka or Kyoto
30th to 1st May: Tokyo depart from Haneda

I think the 14 day JR pass is the one for us. My question is whther there is much benefit to getting the Green pass on the above shinkansen and Ltd Express routes. I'm concerned that the end travel plans coincide with the start of Golden Week. We plan to avoid rush hour times when catching our trains.

Re: reservations:
If we do get a green JR pass do you need make reservations before you can ride in the Green car?
If you know the journeys you will be taking (via Hyperdia) is it possible to make all of the seat reservations in advance at the start of the trip at Narita?
If you make a reservation and your travel plans change do you need to cancel that reservation.

Finally, In Kyoto, is it possible to travel to arashiyama solely using JR trains and buses?

Sorry to bombard you with questions, thanking you in advance.


Hello there,

All together, you'll be spending a good amount of hours on the train. This is enough that it may be nice considering traveling in Green Class. This way you can also avoid the traveling crowds a little.

As for reservations, all Green Seats require to be reserved beforehand. Reservations are free with the JR Pass but are required. You can make your reservations all at once at Narita Airport or any other JR Station. I do recommend making a list beforehand with the trains/dates/times you wish to travel on, this way the JR Staff can quickly make the reservations quickly. You can always cancel/change tickets if you like.

It depends where you stay in Kyoto but it is possible to travel from Kyoto station by train to Arashiyama, look for the station Saga-Arashiyama.

Hope this helps,

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Thanks for the helpful response Daniel.


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