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is worth to buy 7 days jrpass?

Is worth to buy 7 days JRpass?

My itinerary as follow:

Oct 18 Narita to Tokyo
Oct 19-25 join an Organized tour in Central Japan, the tour will end in Nagoya.
Oct 25 Nagoya to Kyoto , two days in Kyoto, like to go philosopher's walk,or go to Ohara area, Miho Muserm , and tour few temple.
Oct 27 Kyoto to Tokyo, visit Tsukiji Fish Market, then shopping inside city.
Oct 29 Tokyo to Narita.

Is my itinerary worth to buy 7 days JRpass.



Hi Margaret,

You would then use a JR Pass from Nagoya - Kyoto - Tokyo right?

If this is the case than you could make the following savings with the JR Pass:

Nagoya - Kyoto ¥ 5,440
Kyoto - Tokyo ¥ 13,220
Tokyo - Narita Airport ¥ 2,940

This adds up to ¥ 21,600 which is lower than the cost of a 7 day JR Pass, so I think it would be better to go for normal tickets, unless you plan to do more travel, than the JR Pass would quickly pay off.

Enjoy Japan!


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