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is this pass worth it for my trip?

Is this pass worth it for my trip?


I'm having some difficulty deciding if I should be buying the JR Pass. We have a 14 day trip that goes to Tokyo (shibuya), Kyoto, Osaka / Koyasan, and back to Tokyo, staying at Tokyo Disney.

My initial plan was to get a 7 day pass for the middle of my trip to cover the bullet ride to Kyoto and the ride back from Ossaka but the round trip is actually 8 days apart so that doesn't help me. Trying to decide if a full 14 day pass is worth it given that I think I could also use it for the airport transfers and random day trips.

My trip:

Oct 8 to 12 - Narita Airport. Staying in Shibuya, Tokyo.
Oct 12 to 15 - Kyoto
Oct 15 to 18 - Osaka
Oct 18 to 19 - Koyasan
Oct 19 - 21 Tokyo Disney area. Fly home from Narita Airport.

Do you think a 14 day pass would be worth it? Any other suggestions?


Hi there,

Unless you can make the return to Tokyo within 7 days, my advise would be to buy normal tickets as you travel. A 14 day JR Pass would require a little more travel in order to pay off.

You can use the JR Pass Fare Calculator to find an approximate ticket cost of a single route or even your full itinerary.

Hope this helps,

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