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is the jr pass worth my trip

Is the jr pass worth my trip

I am having 11 days in Japan. What pass suites me the best or I should buy separately. I arrive on 6th at Haneda airport and planning to leave for Hokkaido on 10th. Buying air ticket from narita to Sapporo cost me 5000 yen on air Asia Japan and I can then buy a Hokkaido jr pass to cover my time until 16th. Or I take train from tokyo to hatakode in which case I need to buy a 7 day jr pass.


Hi there,

Flying to Hokkaido for 5000 Yen sounds like a good deal to me. I guess you would buy a 5-day Hokkaido Rail Pass than, which is 19,500 yen. This option would be a little less money than a 7-day JR Pass, which is 28,300Yen but you could use it for additional travel around Tokyo and other parts of Japan if you wish, the downside however is that the travel time by rail between Tokyo - Sapporo simply is too long for many. A way one trip can take over 10 hours.

In the end there's not too much of a difference in price, so it comes down to personal preference of flying of taking the train. It's a shame that the new Shinkansen to Sapporo is not ready yet, this new Bullet train will cut down the travel time from Tokyo to Sapporo to just a little over 5 hours.

Enjoy Japan!

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