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is the hokkaido rail pass even worth it?

Is the Hokkaido rail pass even worth it?


I have just finished my itinerary. And it seems that it is not worth it to get a rail pass. Can this be right? Can someone check and see if I somehow somewhere got it wrong?

Day 1: New Chitose Airport - Sapporo [JR - 1070 JPY]
Day 2: Sapporo - Otaru [JR - 1280 JPY]
Day 3: Jozankei
Day 4: Sapporo
Day 5: Sapporo - Lake Toya [JR - 3240 JPY]
Day 6: Lake Toya - Hakodate [JR - 2810 JPY]
Day 7: Hakodate
Day 8: Hakodate - Noboribetsu [JR - 3990 JPY]
Day 9: Noboribetsu - Chitose [JR 1450]

Did I miss something or misunderstood something?

Thank you.



Hi there,

I am not sure where you get these fares but prices for these trips are generally a lot higher. Looks like you only have the fare for the distance, generally there is a limited express fare as well. Which is about the same as the distance fare and effectively doubles the price.

You can check fares with, always look at Total Fare.

Hope this helps,

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Yes, Daniel, I realised my mistakes and redid all the searches. Thank you.

Still the total ticket price comes out less than the rail pass price. I guess the pass doesn't really pay itself if I don't travel long distances with a Shinkansen.



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