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is jr pass worth it?

Is JR Pass worth it?

The more a look into Japan's train network and various lines owned by multiple companies, the more confused i become about the exact savings, if any, of the JR Pass.

My major query is how much i'll use the pass around each Tokyo and Kyoto for 3-4 days?

More context:

Fly into Narita > train to Shinjuku [2 days sightseeing in Tokyo, a day trip to Nikko]

Train to Kyoto [ 2 days sightseeing in Kyoto, a day trip to Nara]

Going to Kurama [not covered with JR Pass], before then returning to Kyoto.

Train - Kyoto to Osaka [a day of sightseeing in Osaka]

Going to Koyasan [not covered with JR Pass]

Return to Osaka to then board train back to Tokyo.

The most annoying thing is that if i start my pass when i arrive, i'll be out by one day returning back to Narita on a 14 day pass.

Is there a way i could do this all more sensibly? Like buy a return Narita to Tokyo ticket, daily subway tickets when required, and perhaps just buy a Tokyo to Kyoto return ticket...?

Any help/assistance would be greatly appreciated.


Hi there,

For your itinerary, if you use the JR pass Tokyo-Kyoto/ Osaka, it will be economical.

If you will make trip between Kyoto/ Osaka and Tokyo within 7 days, a 7-day JR pass will be cost-effective choice for you.

You can purchase single/ individual tickets before activate and after expire 7-day JR pass.

-Tokyo to Kyoto 13,600 JPY
-Kyoto to Nara return trip 2,260 JPY (single trip 1,130 JPY)
-Kyoto to Osaka 560 JPY
-Osaka to Tokyo 14,140 JPY

You can calculate your cost here

Your itinerary looks great by the way!

I hope this helps,

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