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is jr pass needed

Is JR pass needed


We will be arriving in Tokyo for 2 nights and then heading to Kyoto and depart from Osaka. Is the Jr pass needed? Or we just need to purchase the normal pass will do?



You can check prices on For your trip, there is no benefit at all if you use ordinary reserved seats. If you reserve Green seats (roughly first-class), the costs are almost the same. From Narita airport to Tokyo you could take the express train (around $30), and then take a cab to your hotel. A better choice is to see if the Express Bus stops at your hotel. Then it's door to door service for the same $30. The Green fare from Tokyo to Kyoto is around $180, the ordinary fare is less. From Osaka you take a bus to the airport.



Just one change to my note - there is a JR train traveling directly from Osaka to the Kansai airport. It takes a little over an hour and costs around $12.


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I would suggest buying normal ticket for your travel. The JR Pass would not be economic for a one way ticket Tokyo - Kyoto even if you include travel to and from both airports!

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