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is jr pass green car worth to buy for my trip from tokyo to osaka and return?

Is JR Pass Green Car worth to buy for my trip from Tokyo to Osaka and return?

I am planning to travel from Tokyo to Osaka and return. Your web site indicated "the Green Car is located at the front of the train. However, in the case of the Shinkansen running on the Tokaido - Sanyo line, the carriages are located next to the stairs so the travelers don't have to walk along the platform." Also, there are no Green Cars on some of the trains.

If I am not wrong, I will be taking the Tokaido line from Tokyo to Osaka and return. I need to know:
- where the stairs actually located - how far are the stairs from the front of the train.
- Are Green Cars available on all trains for my route - if I take ordinary car, how far walk to the carriages. - I will be arriving Tokyo Oct 19. Leaving Tokyo for Osaka Oct 23. Returning to Tokyo Oct 25 and go to Narita Airport same day. If I start using the 7 days JR Pass on Oct 19, I can use the Pass to travel back to Tokyo on Oct 25, is this correct?


Hi there,

There are Green Cars on all Hikari Shinkansen between Tokyo - Shin-Osaka stations. Green Cars are located in the middle of the train and consist of train car 8-10. This is on a standard 16car N700 Hikari service. There are different stairways/elevators to access to plan platforms, so I can't tell you exactly how far they are apart.

You can use the JR Pass from the 19th - 25th, it would then expire at midnight on the 25th.

Hope this helps,

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Thank you for the info.


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