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is jr pass best for my trip

Is JR Pass best for my trip

Planning to travel to Japan for for 6 days in October. Arrive at Narita Airport at 830pm. Will the JR office be open still after we get out of customs to do the JR Exchange order certificate for the JR Pass? Will be staying at Tsujiki fish market area for the night and another 2 days at Shinagawa. Can I use the JR pass for the metro systems in Tokyo. We will be leaving for Kyoto on day 4. Which bullet trains can we use for the JR pass to Kyoto? Can we take them at Shinagawa Station or do we have to take the shinkassen at the Toyko Station instead? Leaving for Osaka on day 5 and spend two nights there before leaving Japan at Kansai Airport. Is the JR pass valid for the Kyoto and Osaka metro system and buses as well. Should I buy 7days JR PASS


Hi there!

To start with your last question first, the JR Pass is pretty amazing if you use it travel travel around Japan a lot. For instance a return trip Osaka - Tokyo will quickly pay off. From reading that you only plan to go one way Tokyo - Kyoto/Osaka I think that it will be smarter to buy normal tickets. However a JR Pass would quickly pay of if you used it for a day trip to Hiroshima for instance.

If you do get a JR Pass, the JR Office at Narita airport is open until 9.45 pm which should give you enough time to exchange / activate your JR Pass. Than when you travel to Kyoto on day 4 you can take any Hikari or Kodama shinkansen heading toward Kyoto. Just ask the JR Staff where you wish to go and they will find the right route for you.
You can either travel from Shinagawa station or Tokyo station because the Shinkansen stops at both.

I hope this helps!

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