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is japan rail pass worth it? kix-osaka-kanazawa-kyoto-kobe

Is Japan Rail Pass worth it? KIX-Osaka-Kanazawa-Kyoto-Kobe

Hi, I'm planning a year end trip to Osaka, Kanazawa, Kyoto, possible Kobe for Arima Onsen and back to Kyoto. My itinerary is as below:

25th Dec 2015 (Fri)
AM - Landing at KIX
PM - Overnight at Osaka

26th Dec 2015 (Sat)
AM - Depart to Kanazawa early morning
PM - Overnight at Kanazawa

27th Dec 2015 (Sun)
AM - To Shirakawa-go
PM - Return to Kyoto via Kanazawa

28th Dec 2015 (Mon)
AM - Day trip at Nara from Kyoto
PM - Return to Kyoto

29th Dec 2015 (Tue)
AM - Day trip to Biwako OR Arima Onsen via Kobe

30th~31st Dec 2015 (Wed & Thurs)
AM - Tour around Kyoto and wait for New Year countdown at temple

1st Jan 2016 (Fri)
AM - Kyoto to KIX, return to home

With my itinerary, do you think it's worth a Japan Rail Pass?

Thank you.



Hello Gigi,

I checked ticket prices for your itinerary and the most pricey trip is Osaka - Kanazawa. Which comes in at ¥ 7,450 or a one way ticket. Together with your other travel, this does not add up enough to a point where savings with a JR Pass can be made.

Therefor I would recommend buying normal tickets for this route or looking at regional passes.

Hope this helps,

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Hello Daniel-san,

Thank you for your reply! I'll just stick to buying ticket manually and a Icoca card then.



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