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is it worth to get the jrpass with my this itinery?

Is it worth to get the JRPass with my this itinery?

Hi, it's my first time going free and easy in Japan, I'm travelling 4 adults and 2 kids below 5.

Our route is Tokyo (Day 1-5s: intend to go Mt Fuji, Disneyland, Sinjuku, and am stay in Ginza area)
Tokyo to Kyoto (Day 5-7) - Kyoto to Nara and back to Kyoto - Kyoto to Osaka (Day 7-9).

Also is children under 5 free of charge?

Pls advise.

Thank you.

Ms Su San


Hi Ms Su San,

Will you be returning to Tokyo after Osaka? If so, then a 7 day JR Pass would help you make savings. Otherwise it is better to purchase normal tickets.

Children below the age of 5 travel for free, given that there is one adult per child and you have to take the child on your lap if other seats are taking, because they are not entitled to a seat.

Hope this helps,

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Thank you Daniel.

is it also free for child age 5 for normal pass?

For normal pass fr Tokyo to kyoto, do we need to buy in advance and through which method is the best?


Hi again!

Yes, children below the age of 6 travel for free. As long as the adult as a valid ticket, this can be a normal ticket, JR Pass and so on.

You can buy tickets at any JR Station once you are in Japan. It is not possible to do so in a practical way online.

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