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is it worth to buy the 7 days jr pass for my trip?

Is it worth to buy the 7 days JR pass for my trip?

Hello there,

Planning a trip to Japan this end June for 12 days, flying to Nagoya and intend to travel to the following places:

Nagoya / Kyoto / Osaka (side trip to Nara from either osaka or kyoto) / Hakone

Intend to spend 4 to 5 days in Kyoto , 2 or 3 days in Osaka (second visit), 2 days in Hakone (may include a trip to Gotemba premium outlet), last 2 or 3 days in Nagoya.

Any advise if 7 days JR pass is worth getting for Kyoto - Osaka - Hakone - Nagoya? only activate the 7day pass leaving kyoto to osaka.

would appreaciate any advise on the above itinerary.



Hi there,

In your itinerary ticket costs are below that of the JR Pass. Therefor I would suggest buying normal JR tickets as you travel. I see that you would spend more than 7 days traveling between Kyoto - Osaka - Hakone - Nagoya as well. This way you do have a nice amount of time to explore each place.

Cheers 'n Beers!

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Thanks Daniel.

Appreciate your advise.




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