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is it worth to buy a 2-week jp pass for my itinerary?

Is it worth to buy a 2-week JP pass for my itinerary?


I am going for weeks to Japan shortly and I would like to check whether it is worth for me to buy a 2-week JR Pass.
My itinerary is the following:
Day 1: Tokyo-Kyoto
Day 2: Kyoto-Nara-Kyoto
Day 3-4 sightseeing in Kyoto - can I use the JR pass within the city?
Day 5: Kyoto-Himeji and Himeji-Okayama
Day 6: Okayama-Hiroshima-Miyajima-Hiroshima-Okayama
Day 7: Okayama-Nagoya
Day 8: Nagoya-Otsuki
Day 9-10: sightseeing around Fuji - can I use the JR Pass there?
Day 11: Otsuki-Tokyo
Day 12: inside Tokyo
Day 13: Tokyo-Nikko-Tokyo
Day 14: Tokyo-Narita airport

Another question is about seat reservation: I could not figure out the Hyperdia timetable. If I don't want to reserve a seat, why is there a seat fee?

Thank you very much!


Hi there,

I made a little list of ticket prices to see if it would be worth it for you,

Tokyo --> Kyoto ¥ 13,420
Kyoto Nara, return ¥ 1,380
Kyoto -> Himeji (by Shinkansen) ¥ 5,330
Himeji --> Okayama ¥ 3,840
Okayama --> Nagoya ¥ 10,780
Nagoya --> Otsuki ¥ 12,520
Otsuki --> Tokyo ¥ 3,060
Tokyo Nikko (Return by Shinkansen) ¥ 11,260
Tokyo -> Narita Airport ¥ 3,140

This adds up to ¥ 64,730. The 14 Day JR Pass is ¥ 45,100 so you could save at least ¥ 19,630. That are some very good savings, you can also use the JR-Pass on local JR Lines in Tokyo.

Local transport on the metro and local buses is not covered by the JR Pass, I would recommend buying an all day bus ticket that is only 500 Yen and allows for unlimited travel on buses in Kyoto.

I noticed that you will also go to Fuji-san, travel in the area around Fuji is not covered by the JR Pass but from Otsuki it is only 1,100 Yen to Fuji 5 lakes.

About seat reservations, they are free with the JR-Pass so you won't have to worry about it. Once you open a route in Hyperdia click on the reserved seat fee the in middle right of the page and you can select unreserved seat. Please note that some trains like the Narita Express only have reserved seats.

Hope this helps,

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Dear Daniel-san,

Thank you very much for your very quick and detailed reply! It was definitely useful!
Have a nice weekend!


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