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is it worth getting pass?

Is it worth getting pass?

Hi, like a lot of people I'm not sure if the pass would be value for money for me.

I'm staying in Kashiwa for 14 days and travelling to Atago (which I know isn't a JR line) and Ayase (which is) fairly regularly for marital arts training. I would also like take a day trip to Kyoto, will make a couple of trips to Tokyo and a trip to at least a couple of the following: Nikko, Takai and Mount Fuji (I know that you have to get a different train for the last stop).

I was considering getting a 7 day pass and activating it part way through my trip so that I could go to Kyoto in that time and fit in a couple of other sight seeing excursions. There are so many different types of passes out there (like the Nikko world heritage pass) that I wasn't sure if I would be better off getting an individual round trip to Kyoto (found for 21,000Y) and then buy other tickets individually.

Does anyone know how much a Kashiwa - Tokyo round trip would be? Or any ideas as to whether it would be worth it for me?

Thanks for your help.


Hi there,

To start with your last question first;
A one way trip from Kashiwa to Tokyo is ¥ 540 by local train and takes about 45 minutes, this is covered by the JR-Pass.

I think a 7 day pass would benefit your travel plans, normally one way Tokyo Kyoto by train is ¥ 13,220.
So if you make a return you are about even, after that if you make an other trip or just use it to travel to the Airport you start saving. The price of the JR-Pass is 28,300, in case you would pay 21,000Yen for the return, the JR-Pass would be useful if you could do at least 7,301 Yen worth of travel.

Which I think would not be too hard with your plans, for instance Nikko a trip to Nikko would save you 3,200 over the World heritage pass or almost 11,000 over normal JR tickets. Also the ability to take any JR-Line at any time, without having to worry about additional tickets is really nice.

Hope this gives you a better idea about the possibilities.

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