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is it worth getting a jr pass?

Is it worth getting a jr pass?


29th - arrive narita airport, NEX through to shinjuku where we will be staying
We will be taking day trips around tokyo and to different areas like asakura and tokyo disneyland
7th bullet train to nagoya
9th bullet? Or ordinary train to osaka
Again day trips around osaka and nara etc
15th bullet? Or ordinary train to Kyoto
Once again day trips around kyoto.
21st bullet train back to tokyo
When back in tokyo will stick in the main areas and spend the final time shopping
27th nex early in the day back to airport

Not sure if its worth buying jr oasses or not, there will be two adults travelling, thanks!


Hello there,

A 7 day JR Pass would work great if you did the above itinerary within 7 days. Given that you have the luxury of time however, I'd advise buying normal tickets for this trip.

As for normal trains vs the Shinkansen. It is up to your wishes and budget. Personally I'd advise taking the Shinkansen if possible as it much quicker and saves you hours, which you could otherwise spend visiting temples, enjoying onsen or eating your favorite Japanese dish.

Hope this helps!

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Thankyou, i was originally thinking of buying a 21 day pass from 7th - 27th is it going to be cheaper to buy the separate tickets? We already have suica cards.


Hi there,

Yes in this case it would be cheaper to buy normal tickets. However a JR Pass could quickly become worth with a bit more travel added in.

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