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is it worth buying jr pass?

Is it worth buying JR pass?

We , family of 4 adults will travel to Japan in November. We plan to stay in Fukuoka for two nights, and would like to go to Nagasaki if we can use JR pass. After Fukuoka we will travel to Hiroshima and will visit Miyajima. After Hiroshima we will travel to Osaka to stay for a night and then fly back. We will have total of 5 days in Japan.
Since we dont travel far and dont travel as many as 7 days ( JR pass limit). I am not sure it is worth buying JR pass or not ( 7 days for about $240 now).
My husband and I had been traveling in Japan using JR pass before, We enjoyed it very much so we would like to introduce it to our kids. But we dont know if we can fully use it. Please advise, thank you very much.


Hi there,

The best thing to do is look at ticket prices and see if you can make savings using the JR Pass. I've made a list below, to do just that.

Fukuoka - Nagasaki ¥ 4,700
Nagasaki - Fukuoka ¥ 4,700
Fukuoka - Hiroshima ¥ 9,150
Hiroshima - Miyajima (return) 1180
Hiroshima - Osaka ¥ 10,230

For a total of ¥29,960, that's ¥ 550yen savings (compared to the price of a 7 day JR Pass ¥ 29,110). Even though you'll only save a small amount this way, I do think it is worth considering the JR Pass. For instance, it can also be used on the Hiroshima Sightseeing bus or for travel from Osaka to Kansai Airport and other local lines in Osaka. Also, don't forget the convenience it brings, just a single ticket for all your travel :)

Hope this helps,

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