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is it suitable for me to travel from tokyo to hokkaido using jr pass?

Is it suitable for me to travel from Tokyo to Hokkaido using JR pass?

Me, family of 5 will arrive at Japan Narita Airport on Nov 17. Depart on Dec 1 for a holidays. Between this period, we'd like to visit Hokkaido and some others place. How long from Narita Airport to Hokkaido if using the JR train & how much does it cost?



Hi Jee,

It's about 9 - 11 hours to travel by train from Narita Airport to Hokkaido. A one way ticket costs ¥ 26,590 but is completely covered by the JR Pass.

An alternative is to look at domestic flights within Japan. There are different special fares to be found for tourists.

Hope this helps,

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