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is it possible to get an invoice for the jr pass?

Is it possible to get an invoice for the JR pass?


Again one question. Is it possible to receive an invoice when getting the JR pass in the territory of Japan? I may get a reimbursement from my company (located in Japan).

If it's okay, to whom should the invoice be issued then (the consignee)? Is it okay to have it issued on me or is it better to have it issued for the company? (My colleagues from Japan often get invoices issued for their names to get the reimbursements in Japan HQ).


Hi there!

Yes, it's very possible. Please contact us at with your order reference number and we will send an invoice to you.

In general, if your company has agreed to reimburse your expenses it is fine for us to issue an invoice to yourself. You can then pass this onto your company as an expense receipt. However, as all companies are different in their policies you should contact your companies accounts department to confirm the correct procedure.

Hope this helps!

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