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is it possible to get a 14 day rail pass instead of a 21 day?

Is it possible to get a 14 day Rail Pass instead of a 21 day?


This our tentative itinerary :

Narita-Osaka on June 7
Osaka - Kyoto on June 10
Kyoto-Tokyo on June 13
Tokyo-Nagoya on June 17
Nagoya-Shikoku on June 20
Shikoku-Fukuoka on June 22
Fukuoka-Beppu on June 24
Beppu-Hiroshima on June 25
Hiroshima-Narita on June 27

Is it possible to switch our schedule around so we only need a 14 day Japan Rail and purchase a few side tickets, instead of buying a 21 day Rail Pass?

Is there a website that is similar to Yelp for Japan (restaurant ratings based on customers)?

Thank you for your time.

UCLA Family


Hi there!

I checked your itinerary and see that you plan to travel all over Japan. The only way to reduce the amount of travel would be to cut out some parts. You could start in Tokyo at the begin of your travel and activate the JR Pass later on. However it would still mean skipping a city or two.

Given the choice I would go for the 21 day JR Pass, the price may seem high but the difference with the 14 day JR Pass is only 12,960 yen for which you get an extra 7 days of unlimited travel. However I do understand that it can add up if you travel in a bigger group.

For restaurants, there are various Japanese websites out there offering reviews but they may not be very helpful. You can however use websites such as travel advisor, which has a good range of reviews. Personally I use Google a lot and simply such for the city + the name of the dish that I want to eat. Most of the time you get a lot of great information this way, especially from blogs.

Hope this helps!

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