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is it cheaper to buy jrp or individual tickets

is it cheaper to buy JRP or individual tickets

day1 - arrive Narita airport
day 2- sightseeing in Tokyo
Day 3- Tokyo- hakone stay in Hakone
Day 4- Hakone- Kyoto stay in Kyoto
Day5 - stay in Kyoto
Day6 - Kyoto-Kobe - stay in Kobe
Day7 - Kobe - Osaka - leave from Kansai airport

so not sure if i should buy the 7day pass? when i was trying to work the costs it appeared to be cheaper to buy individual tickets. Plus not sure if the JR pass can be used in Tokyo & Osaka for metros & subways?
Also finding the railway site a bit complicated to use - eg Hakone - kyoto route shows the trains coming back to Tokyo from Odawara & then going to une & Yumuto - which should not be necessary as per my knowledge?


Hi there!

If you're arriving at Narita and leaving from Kansai then I think it'll be better for you to purchase individual tickets.

I recommend something like:

  1. Narita > Tokyo using the Keisei Skyliner + 2 day unlimited metro deal or Narita Express + Suica deal.
  2. Shinjuku to Hakone using Odakyu rail. You may want to look at the Hakone Free Pass.
  3. Bullet train from Odawara (nearest to Hakone) to Kyoto, or return to Tokyo and use Nozomi shinkansen to Kyoto.
  4. Kyoto walk, or subway as needed
  5. Kyoto to Kobe JR tickets
  6. To Kansai Airport using JR tickets.

Hope this helps!

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Thanks for your reply Mari


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