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is a jr pass worth it for this trip

Is a JR pass worth it for this trip

We will arrive in Tokyo and stay 3 nights. We will then travel to Kyoto for 4 nights and return back to Tokyo for another 3 nights. We would like to do a trip to Osaka for a day from Kyoto and also a trip to Mt Fuji from Tokyo on another day. We would also want travel to and from Narita airport via train and also travel around Tokyo. Would a seven day pass which covers the trip to Kyoto and then just purchase fares as required or buying a 14 day pass be better. Dose the pass cover all the above requirements?


A 7 day pass would pay off for the long distance travel. A 14 day pass would not, without extending your trip to Hiroshima/Miyajima, or Takayama, for example. For seeing Mt Fuji you can go to Hakone or the Fuji 5 Lakes area - the Pass can get you there part of the way. But there are other non-JR regional passes for those areas. For within Tokyo you can use the Pass for the JR Yamanote Line, which goes to many popular places, but not all. The Pass does not cover city subways, but they are not expensive.

Good luck.


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