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is 7 day jr pass worth for our trip?

Is 7 day JR pass worth for our trip?


My friends and I will be travelling to Japan this coming Dec. 13-18. We want to cover Tokyo-Kyoto-Osaka the go back to Osaka. My question is: will it be practical to buy 7 day s JR pass for this trip. We also want to travel from Tokyo - Kyoto-Osaka then back to Tokyo at during night. Will there be a train that provide services from 3:00 am or earlier? Can we use ourJR pass? Thanks in advance!


Hi there,

Japan is a country that mostly shuts down after midnight and trains will shutdown as well, to resume the following morning around 6 am. The JR Pass would be helpful if you travel "by day" as it will cover all your travels and you can use the Shinkansen to do so. However if you wish to travel by night, then looking at night bus services may be a better option.

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