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inter-city train travel in japan

Inter-City Train Travel In Japan

Hi Daniel,

2 weeks ago, I made an inquiry under the above title. I have a couple of questions now:-

1) May I know if it is necessary for us to reserve our seats on JR trains? Or can we just walk in with our JR pass? In particular, we are concerned over the long ride from Osaka to Hokuto which we are planning to take on 22 Jun. If it is necessary to reserve our seats, how many days in advance to do so?

2) What is the frequency of the train (ie. how many trains per day) from Osaka to Hokuto & what time does the 1st train leave from Osaka?

Appteciate your advice. Thank you!

Nancy Chong
Nancy Chong

Hi again,

1.) You can either take a non-reserved seat and just hop on the train or reserve a seat in advance and take a reserved seat. Trains rarely sell out and making a reservation on the same day as departure is fine.

2.) It depends on the train and line but generally there is at least one service every 30 minutes on the Shinkansen and 1 service every hour on limited express lines.

Hope this helps,

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Thank you once again!

Nancy Chong
Nancy Chong

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