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if i have a working holiday visa am i eligible for the jr pass?

If i have a working holiday visa am i eligible for the JR Pass?

My friends and I are returning to Japan on working holiday visa's with a re-entry permit. Does this mean we are not eligible for the JR Pass?? I read somewhere that the JR pass is only valid if the stamp you receive at the airport on your passport indicates you are a 'temporary visitor' and I'm not sure what kind of stamp we receive on with a working holiday visa.

Also If we are permitted to get a JR pass will we be able to make our way from Osaka to Sapporo using the JR pass without having to pay an extra train fares? I have been trying to figure it out and am getting told different things from friends so am very confused!

Thanks!! :)


Hi there!

The JR Pass can only be used by people who enter Japan under a 90 day Tourist Visa. Other kinds of Visa are unfortunately not eligible. You can read more about eligibility here.

If you do get a JR Pass than the full fare from Osaka - Sapporo is covered by the JR Pass (¥ 32,500 otherwise).

You could re-enter Japan under a tourist visa if you no longer plan to work there, otherwise looking into a domestic plane ticket from Osaka - Sapporo may be a better option.

I hope this helps!

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