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icoca + haruka

ICOCA + Haruka


Need your help in clarifying my understanding of the ICOCA + Haruka.

I will travel into KIX (Kansai Airport) and going directly to Kyoto, thus i am planning to get the ICOCA + Haruka (roundtrip) combo, I will stay for two days in Kyoto and will travel to Osaka for a few nights.

I can use the JR Toaido line to get from Kyoto to (Namba) Osaka using the ICOCA correct? Is this the best route?

For my roundtrip Haruka, can i use the Nankai Limited Express as the return journey? If not, what are the lines that i can use. I will be at Namba area.



Hi there,

The Haruka is the train which you'll be traveling on between Kansai Airport - Kyoto. This is a direct train connection and fastest available.

The ICOCA card can indeed be used for travel between Osaka and Kyoto, I would recommend traveling on the JR Kyoto line (Shinkaizoku service) as this is by far the fastest connection between both stations. You can then take an other local train from Osaka station to JR-Namba.

Hope this helps!

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