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i have no last name in my passport

I have no last name in my passport

Hi there,

I have ordered a JRP using my first name as my last name in the order form (the last name field is required), since I don't have a last name in my passport.
It may sound stupid but it is common to not have a last name in Indonesia.
What I want to ask is, is it possible to exchange my exchange order to JRP in Japan when I don't have a last name in my passport and write my first name as my last name in the exchange order?

Thanks & regards,


Hi Andreaw,

I don't think that this should pose a problem, as long as the information you entered matches that in your passport.

To be sure, I would ask you to send us a copy of your passport to, including a small description of the problem / or your order number. This way we can be sure everything works out.

Hope to hear from you,

PS: We take your privacy very seriously and the information you send will only be used for verification.

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Hi Daniel,

The Jrpass supoort team has already help me with my request.

Thanks & Regards,



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