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HyperDia Search results

I'm not too sure if I'm doing it correctly but after watching all the instruction videos and reading the articles, I tried to look for the timings available to get myself from Haneda Airport (international terminal) to Kyoto but the results are always unavailable even if i change the timings for the whole day. What i have done is to leave untick the Airplane, Private railway and NOZOMI / MIZUHO / HAYABUSA (SHINKANSEN) option. May i know if I am doing anything wrong or is there just no trains available for that day? Thank you!


Hi there,

For this route you should leave Private Railway on. While technically the JR Pass covers the Tokyo Monorail, it is considered a private railway by Hyperdia.

The complete route looks like this.

Hope this helps,

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Thank you Daniel-san! I'm finally able to find the timings!


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