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hyperdia price + seat fee vs jr pass?

Hyperdia price + seat fee vs JR pass?

I've been trying to calculate how much my trip would cost but am confused about following:

Hyperdia gives a price of 8210 Yen by Shinkansen from Kyoto to Tokyo + 4870 Yen for unreserved or 5590 Yen for reserved seat.

Does this mean that the ticket would cost me minimum 13080 Yen (8210 + 4870) or can I board the train without the unreserved/ reserved seat - so that I only pay the 8210 Yen?
In case I take a JR Pass do I also have to pay the unreserved/ reserved fees?

My route in 8 days would be as follows:
Narita T1 -> Kawaguchiko
Kawaguchiko -> Kyoto
Kyoto -> Tokyo
Tokyo - Narita T1

Hope someone will be able to explain to me.
Thank you in advance.


Hi Britta,

Prices in Hyperdia can indeed be the cause of some confusion. Basically you should always look at the total fare.

For instance look at the route Tokyo - Kyoto. As you can see the ticket price is made up of the following: Total:¥ 13,910(Fare:¥ 8,210 Seat Fee:¥ 5,700). The Total is the price that you would pay for the ticket. The fare is the price for distance travelled and the Seat Fee the price for travelling on a Shinkansen or limited express train. Only local trains don't have a seat fee.

Lastly there's also a seat reservations fee, which you pay if you reserve a seat in advance. Generally between 200-600yen.

The JR Pass covers all of these fees and you can travel without having to worry about ticket prices. I would also recommend a 7 day JR Pass for your travel. You could use it from day one and only the last part Tokyo - Narita Airport would fall outside it's validity period.

Hope this helps!

PS: The JR Pass covers most of the route to Kawaguchiko as well, however the last part Otsuki - Kawaguchiko is travelled on the privately owned Fujikyu line and requires an additional fare of 1,110yen.

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Arigato Daniel-san for the detailed info!
Hope my JR pass arrives in time...


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