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hyperdia not working??

Hyperdia not working??

Hi guys

Sorry i found other question, i decide to use JR pass and i got hyperdia on my phone.

I try to use this apps, but the apps is not working i think

Or maybe i use it with wrong way

Im still in sydney using Iphone 6s plus IOS 9.3.1
when i try to search timetable from tokyo to kyoto and i change date and time so many times but it's still said " Route is not found (with red color) all rights reserved, copiright etc)

is anyone have same problem ??

thank you


or maybe u guys have other apps which much better than this one, please share for me

or can i just trust google maps for this case???

Thank you


Hi there,

I am not aware of an issue with Hyperdia app. However I haven't used it in a while.

The error you find sounds make like that you are searching for an invalid route or that the search parameters are not set right (such as searching for a route that is on a private line with that option off).

Google Maps is also good but it can't be used to filter train services, so keep in mind that you can not use the JR Pass on Nozomi and Mizuho trains.

Hope this helps,

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